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Innovature Research and Design Studio (IRDS) is an interdisciplinary creative practice, trying to weave diverse realms such as architecture, urban fabric and user aspirations into a distinctive pattern of thoughtful design.

We create sustainable and innovative solutions for cozy, private and public spaces; to transform everyday user experience. Spaces that can inspire, heal and facilitate its users by sending out positive messages about their existence.

Our design process is a measured combination of philosophical, psychological and urban research, in coherence with thoughtful designing for contemporary trends and user preferences. A client focused, value driven approach towards creating responsible built spaces.

Architecture is an amalgamation of cultures, lifestyles and aspirations of its users which collectively manifests into an urban space. We work towards reading and understanding urban spaces to identify and find ways to reinforce their strengths, local identity and character.

Research Projects
spatial forms
Study of Spatial forms; Washington DC
an old place
An old place- A reflection of history; Bangalore
space syntax
Using Space Syntax as a tool for designing.
built environment
Sustainability of the Built Environment; Ranchi
smart pedestrian
Smart Pedestrian Experience; India
the ripple effet
The Ripple Effect- Organic development of urban fringes
Architectural Projects
luxury in a nutshell holiday home tranquil among hustle
natures craddle tranquil among hustle villa enlightened
The Urban Rhetoric
TUR is a bi-annual initiative by Innovature Research and Design Studio [IRDS] to create a platform for discussion and act as a catalyst in recreating the future of urbanism and urban development in India.
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